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Affordable pop up tent
2017-11-13 14:26:52
We combined the most affordable pop-up tent frame and the top of the base camp, for the budget conscious people is a good tent, but still want to have a beautiful, strong custom pop-up tent!
This tent frame and the top is made of steel, and for packing transport.
The ceiling tent is connected as a piece, and its expansion is easy to make the installation time fast and simple.
This tent is suitable for the things that need to be affordable, but also provides the ability to customize.
Our custom print tents top are digital printing in 600D waterproof UV coated polyester, and they will meet all kinds of weather challenges... Regardless of the weather! You can in any way that you want to design your tent, take it from the top to the bottom of the threshold vertex design.
Don't forget, each of the best tents is completely customizable. Company logo, personal design or slogan - anything you can think of can be printed on top of your tent. Don't be afraid of creative!

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