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Double Sided Teardrop Banner
2019-01-29 17:10:18
The teardrop banner is a subtle but intelligent advertising medium that can be used for a variety of activities.
We offer top quality teardrop banners, including award winning and beautiful print and graphic designs.
We provide our clients with a space to express their ideas.
You can choose to customize the teardrop banner with the same or different designs -
this means your banner can have the same print or different designs on both sides. it's up to you!
Please be assured that all the flags leaving our workshop are the best.
All teardrop logos are printed on separate materials with a occlusion layer in the middle and sewn together to show the real image and text on both sides.
This is correct - don't worry about mirroring or reverse text.
On the contrary, expecting art but having a market design will definitely attract everyone's attention.
In addition, all bases are specifically designed to rotate and move freely in the air to ensure efficient projection.
Don't worry about strong winds, because our flags and poles are the strongest and strongest on the market.
Our double-sided teardrop flag is available in a variety of sizes, even in the distance.
Huge size is strategic for maximizing the impact of your brand.
Teardrop flags are common in car market sales, local market stalls and sporting events. Work out with us to customize your own teardrop banner,
and pay attention to and build your own brand identity in these events!
Our teardrop banners are equipped with quality printing services, mounting poles and carrying cases for easy transport.
We also offer a separate base for purchase.
If any questions ,please feel free to contact .

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