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Open flag banner
2017-12-01 16:55:32
Customized open flags can be displayed and easy to build and provide effective brands for display and events. Open flags and open flags can be used for any exhibition activities, such as product display, exhibitions, festivals, summer fairs, etc. when used to create a real eye to see its good looks. The feather used on flags is made of aluminum, because it has strength, flexibility and portability, and is quickly decomposed into parts for transport and installation. Banner banner is printed on water based environmental ink.
In order to reduce the resistance of the wind, the flags open by the feathers are rotated. The custom banner banner is to print the printing plate on high quality printers to reach the highest standard, so as to achieve excellent color matching and depth. The event open flag provides an instant appearance with a full color custom print logo.
If any interested,welcome to contact me at anytime 

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