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Tension Fabric Display
2019-01-08 11:00:39

Our tension displays consist of lightweight but durable aluminum hardware and fabric dye sublimation prints.

The hardware is inserted into the print, just like a pillow. 

The fabric print is stretched tight across the frame and zipped close.

The Easy Tube Display is stylish and easy to assemble. 
The tube tension fabric system is an excellent alternative to standard rear wall displays.
Quick assembly in just 5 minutes, slide the tubes together, make the frame and lock it in place with the button button.
Then, simply pull the pillow-like pattern onto the frame and pull the zipper.
A zipper that hides outside the field of view stretches the stretch fabric to beautifully display your image.
from single-sided or double-sided graphics. Optional LED lighting and hard case.
If any interested ,please feel free to contact .

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