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Tension Fabric Display
2017-10-31 11:35:53
Ready for an affordable, cool cool display? Our tension fabric display is ultra portable, packaged and stored in a small space, easy assembly and disassembly, and is a reasonable price, effective display. Applicable to trade exhibitions, rollers, product demonstrations and sports banners.
Our tension fabric shows dye sublimation to 210 grams of polyester. The graphic clarity and color produced by our printing process is far superior to the color provided by screen printing. Our beautiful dye sublimation fabric displays can be printed on either single or double sides, and the possibility of graphics is only limited by your imagination.
Our tension fabric display frame is light in weight and well constructed. It consists of a steel base and an aluminum tubing, and it can be assembled in seconds. Draw your graphics on the frame, and you're done. Custom Boxes and replacement graphics are available for purchase alone and add value to your investment.

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