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feather flag and teardrop flag poles
2017-12-11 10:11:23
Are you keeping your feather flag and teardrop flag poles secure? We have created the perfect solution to ensure your feather flags and teardrop flag poles are kept both secure and safe for the best viewing of the printed flags. We believe that keeping the flag pole safe and sure after investing in marketing material like printed flags is a responsible practice as the best supplier of flags and poles.
We have developed a locking and secure fixing which locks the flag pole to the base or spike supplied by custom canopy china. The simple pin and string goes through the glass fibre pole and the spinner which the pole sits on the base or spike. Then the safety string keeps this in place.
Custom canopy china are exclusive suppliers of this fixing as we believe in ensuring your investment is secure and safe.
Why not ask us how this works on your next visit or call to custom canopy china.

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